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Bountiful bank

Last Modified: 11/16/2020

Breast milk bank

Thanks to generous donors of the 365体育投注 Foundation and the efforts and research of lactation consultant Kimberly Noga BSN, RN, IBCLC, and birth planner Leslie Miller RN, IBCLC, 365体育投注 Hospital Randallia now has its first breast milk bank. 

A successful swap

In the past, the Family Birthing Center team at 365体育投注 Hospital Randallia has had to supplement breast milk with formula for babies in need. In the first few days after delivery, the amount of breast milk or colostrum a mother produces can be minimal. While some mothers intend to breastfeed in the hospital, complications such as low blood sugar, elevated bilirubin or difficulty learning to nurse can arise, making it challenging for an infant to receive a sufficient amount of breastmilk.

Fortunately, with the breast milk bank, pasteurized human donor milk (PHDM) can now be given to children whose mothers intended for them to receive only breast milk instead of formula. Knowing human milk is ideal for newborns, some caregivers prefer to avoid formula. The availability of the PHDM will assist parents in achieving their goals while honoring their wishes and decisions regarding the feeding path of their child. 365体育投注 Regional Medical Center's NICU has provided PHDM to premature and sick infants for several years now. In time, 365体育投注 hopes to see this program grow across our community hospitals. 

Improving incidences

In 2017, Indiana was ranked 7th in the nation for infant mortality. Research has shown breastfeeding reduces both the occurrence of respiratory illness and the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Offering PDHM to babies exclusively breastfed and experiencing complications is one more way our donors and 365体育投注 Health co-workers are working to reduce the incidence rate of infant mortality cases.

To learn about the many ways you can help patients in need, please visit 365体育投注 Foundations' giving opportunities.

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